Bollywood Bash: Annual Fundraiser 2019

Bollywood Bash: Annual Fundraiser 2019

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A memorable night hosted by the WOMEN ON THE MOVE NETWORK to celebrate many “Heros!” of all kinds, sizes, and dimensions: From the 9-yr old Heros who stole the show by sharing her heart-rending story of empowerment through attending “Who’s Your Hero? After school mentoring program, to Kashmali the young mentor whose account of the transformation of her whole family through the program, to the generous donors and table sponsors , not to mention the Principals of local schools who were honored, and the Presidents and academicians for University of La Verne and Western School of Medical Sciences whose student mentors are the back bone of our programs, were a protagonist in the movement towards “changing the face of our humanity” by rallying the mission of our non-profit WOTMN and its programs to promote gender equality and gender equity. We at WOTMN thank you all for participating in our fundraiser in one form or another, and cheer our donors and supporters for helping raise awareness about significant human right violations and issues. Please continue to help us in our efforts to eliminate the impediments and barriers which have delayed the “bird” of human progress from flying to it’s highest realms of excellence and with the full strength of its both “wings!”

Soheila Azizi

Women on the Move Board Member

Honoring the principals of three schools working with WOTM programs

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