Women On The Move Network has made it a tradition to commemorate the International Women's Day by raising awareness about significant accomplishments made in the arena of WOMEN’S RIGHTS, and by celebrating influential Women and Trailblazers, whose wisdom, courage, and leadership contributed to eliminating inequities, discriminations, and violence against women, and OR by facilitating ways whereby women could gain full and equal participation in  spheres of influence and decision making.  Last year marked the 100 year anniversary of the year when Women gained their right to Vote, after having fought for a voice for several decades since the early prompting of this movement in 1848. Our Celebration last year was unfortunately cancelled due to the Pandemic.

So This year, in following the State’s health & social distancing mandates, we bring you a virtual commemoration of International Day of Women, and dedicate our celebration to honoring a few women whose visionary work for Gender Equality has facilitated the movement towards justice in our local and national Communities.

We were inspired to name our event “HUSHED WISDOM” after the poem of one of our Mentoring Program participants, MEENA (who wrote the poem when she was 13)!

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