The mission of the WHO'S YOUR HERO? This program provides youth development for girls aged 9 to 11. Through mentoring, coaching, recreation and cultural activities, we will empower the girls to develop the self-confidence to make positive and healthy decisions and to explore ideas while having fun.

Our session topics include:

  • Everyday heroes
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Importance of education
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cultural and gender diversity
  • Healthy relationships
  • Nutrition and health
  • Community service
  • Effect of popular culture and media on youth

Program sessions meet weekly after school with discussions of topical presentations, music, art projects, media, and games. Healthy snacks and attendance awards are provided.

Who's Your Hero? (Ages 12-14)

The WHO'S YOUR HERO? program for girls aged 12 to 14 and older is meant to provide a continuation from the previous.

Through a series of planned experiences, the girls will gain the understanding, strategies, and tools to make good decisions, choose healthy activities and relationships, explore new ideas, strengthen positive friendships and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

Expected outcomes -- girls will:

  • Respect themselves and others
  • Be helpful and considerate
  • Seek healthy friendships, both male and female
  • Act with integrity
  • Make every effort to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Believe in the unlimited potential of women in society
  • Value education
  • Plan for college or other education beyond high school
  • Explore/engage in service to others

Girls who have not previously been participants in WHO'S YOUR HERO? 9-11 may also join.

Community Service Programs

There are several ways to become involved in supporting the work of WOMEN ON THE MOVE NETWORK. One way is to be a part of a Community Circle, a local group of supporters who meet from time to time, usually monthly, to discuss ways to be of assistance and to create ideas and resources for our various programs and activities. At present we have Community Circles in Temecula and in the Inland Valley. To join, or for more information, contact the Board of Directors at wotmnetwork9@gmail.com.

1. What are we asking the Community Circle members to do?

Be committed to the premise that the lives of girls ages 9 to 11 and 12 to 14 can be positively impacted by the WHO'S YOUR HERO? and Junior Women on the Move programs, through mentoring by effective role models and a variety of uplifting, enjoyable, meaningful experiences.

Support the Programs and Activities in the local area by means of:

  • Assisting with monitoring the Program sessions by attending as observers; registering new participants and speaking with parents as needed; helping with special projects as requested by the mentors. (Women only) The Circle should identify members who are available to do the monitoring and maintain a schedule of visits so that the mentors at a site may know what support is available at any time
  • Seeking positive publicity for the Programs
  • Cultivating interest among potential donors/contributors of funding, materials and/or supplies
  • Participating in field trips as additional adult support (Women only)
  • Suggest and support service projects for the program participant
  • Research/suggest suitable guest presenters for the Programs
  • As feasible, share appropriate skills to support Programs
  • If feasible, participate in some or all of the mentor training in order to become thoroughly familiar with the programs
  • Assist with grant-writing for fundraising efforts.

2. What are the privileges of membership in a Community Circle

  • Community Circles are a part of WOMEN ON THE MOVE NETWORK, and function as parts and representatives of same
  • Receive the quarterly on-line Newsletter. Reports of Circle activities may be submitted for inclusion in the Newsletter
  • The opportunity to know that they are helping to "make a difference in the life of a girl"
  • Recognition by the Board of Directors of WOMEN ON THE MOVE NETWORK at an annual recognition event
  • Listing on the Roster of Donors at the Pearl level, or higher if warranted
  • A membership card


The newest addition to the growing roster of programs and activities of WOMEN ON THE MOVE NETWORK is a monthly Women's Empowerment Workshop series. These topic-centered sessions engage interested women in self-discovery and in discussion and solution-seeking on issues and concerns that many women encounter in life.

The small group session are lead by an experienced facilitator and are open without charge to women who are looking for a safe, productive way to access information and resources that may be of particular use to them.

The sessions are held on Fridays at noon, once monthly. For more information, or to reserve your seat, go to wotmnetwork9@gmail.com.


Monthly meetings will feature guest speakers and topics under the umbrella of Who Am I?
Topics include:

"Who Am I/ What Do I Have to Offer?" for new graduates and older women returning to work - Lorna McDonald

"Who Am I/ To Seek Justice?" for victims of domestic violence - Soheila Azizi

"Who Am I /Trying to Understand the New Directions in Education?" for parents needing to understand the Common Core State Standards their children are facing -- Barbara Marino

"Who Am I /To Parent My Parents?" for adult children of aging parents - Barbara Matthews

"Latest Trends Among the Young” a Special Session with Clark Morrow from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department

“ Who Am I? -- Handling Money -- Giving Myself Credit"

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