Addition to our Principles and Practices statements:  (June, 2020)

WOMEN ON THE MOVE NETWORK aspires to the highest standards of excellence in all areas of endeavor including programming, interaction with collaborators and partners, use of language be it written, spoken and in artistic forms, and undertaking actions in all real and virtual, private or public spaces. We are ever mindful of the deleterious effect of inappropriate language on the speaker as well as on the recipient, while being fully cognizant of the edifying effects of positive modeling, exhibited by our participants, volunteers and members. 

Addition to our Principles and Practices statements  (June, 2020)

In this current climate where complacency, inaction, and silence are detrimental to our collective wellbeing, the Board of Directors of the Women on the Move Network organization reaffirms its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and pledges to strive for justice based on truth in our programs and in our actions. We also recognize that we can and will do more, and take steps towards meaningful, forward-looking, and action-oriented strategies that will address racial unity and racial justice in all our activities and curriculum.

Our mission and work toward gender equality has always been, and will continue to be, within the broader context of equity in all areas of human endeavor. And now, we will intentionally highlight and accentuate the dismantlement of racism and ethnic oppression within all aspects of our curriculum.

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