Fun Easter Activities to do Quarantine Edition.

Fun Easter Activities to do Quarantine Edition.

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Having an easter egg hunt is iconic for this day, but how else can we make this hunt a bit more fun while we are quarantined?

Having an easter egg hunt can happen indoors and outdoors, I few ideas for indoors would be keeping the hunt to a special section of the home, maybe living room only, or bedroom only. If you have a yard or a space outdoors be sure to section that off so no kiddos go too far. If you have older kids who you may feel a little too old to egg hunt a fun way to include them would be money in the eggs, another fun idea is a note saying something like “you found a $5 Starbucks gift” in the egg. Changing it up a bit to help include the whole family. If you have Gold Egg this could be you win a free pass at chores or a day off.


1: Make rabbits and chicks from thumbprints.

2: Visit a farm to see some baby animals.

3: Decorate an Easter tree

4: Make a clay Easter bunny keepsake

5: Plant some cress in empty eggshells and draw faces on them

6: Decorate chickens’ eggs with temporary tattoos

7: Make Easter decorations from milk jugs

8: Read the Easter story

9: Decorate a canvas with paint filled eggs

10: Have an egg and spoon race.

11: Decorate Easter eggs with washi tape

12: Make a carrot cake

13: Make an easter sensory bin

14: Create a Easter egg sun catcher

15: Plan a special lunch for Easter Sunday

16: Make chicks from surprise eggs

17: Eat hot cross buns

18: Decorate an easter bonnet

19: Dye some eggs cute colors.

20: Make some cute cardboard roll chicks

21: Go on an Easter Egg hunt

22: Make clay Easter tree decorations

23: Give an Easter egg to a friend or neighbor.

24: Make rice crispy nests and fill them with mini eggs.

25: Play Pin the Tail on the Bunny

26: Have boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast.

27: Do some Easter themed coloring.

28: Create some erupting Easter eggs

29: Make an Easter wreath

30: Make some chocolate bark using Easter chocolates.

31: Write Easter cards for your friends.

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